Why The WTA Is Right For You

Prize Money

Large cash prizes based on an honest, up front, clear, and easy to understand format and calculation.  Entry fee for each tournament is $500.  The payout for each tournament is 85% of the total entry fees for that tournament, up to $31,875* (cash).  1st Place-$13,125* (35%), 2nd Place-$7,500* (20%), 3rd Place-$5,625* (15%), 4th Place-$3,750* (10%), 5th Place-$1,875* (5%).  *Maximum payout amounts based on a full field of 75 teams/boats.   

No Membership Fees

If you want to pay for membership, go join something.  If you want to put your skill and knowledge to the test and compete for a large cash prize in a straight forward tournament format, we are the people to talk to.

Exciting New Format-A Tournament For Everyone!

In 2020 there are 7 WTA Tournaments: 2 bass tournaments, 2 walleye tournaments, 2 musky tournaments, and even 1 panfish tournament.  Fish as many or as few as you like.  First come first serve.   

Convenient for Busy Schedules

Time and money constraints are often an issue for fishing tournament competitors.  WTA events are 1 day, 10 hour tournaments held on a Saturday with no meetings, weigh ins, ceremonies, or any other time consuming formalities that few people have the time for these days.  Just register using the FISHDONKEY App, show up, fish, and enter your catch using the FISHDONKEY App.  

Immediate Catch and Release Format

Qualifying fish are measured and photographed on an approved measuring board, and immediately released.  Negative impact on fish and tournament waters is minimal, and competitors don't have to deal with the stress and hassle of keeping fish alive.  No live wells are necessary for WTA tournaments.  Qualifying fish are registered using the FISHDONKEY App.  Effective common sense and technological safeguards will be in place to prevent cheating.  See rules for more details.