The WTA reserves the right to make any necessary judgements and amendments regarding all rules at all times. 

Each member of each team is responsible for reading and understanding all WTA rules in their entirety.  Please contact the WTA with any questions regarding any of the rules at any time. 

Tournament Entry

Registration will be completed using the FISHDONKEY App.

Each WTA team will consist of 2 people, each at least 18 years of age. Any team consisting of less than 2 eligible members will not be allowed to compete the day of the tournament. No substitutions allowed.  

All competitors are required to possess a valid WI fishing license while competing in WTA tournaments during tournament hours. 

Sign up availability is first come first serve, up to 75 teams/boats per tournament. 

Entry fee is $500 per team per tournament. All tournament entry fees are nontransferable. All tournament fees are nonrefundable, unless noted elsewhere in WTA tournament rules. 

A maximum of 75 teams/boats will be allowed in each 2020 tournament. The top 5 points earning teams in each tournament will split 85% of the total entry fees for that specific tournament; 1st Place=35% (up to $13,125), 2nd Place=20% (up to $7,500), 3rd Place=15% (up to $5,635), 4thPlace=10% (up to $3,750), 5th Place=5% (up to $1,875). 

The WTA reserves the right to refuse entry to any team at any time for legitimate reasons not limited to but including conduct, safety, law, etc. 

Scoring Fish

Fish will be entered using the FISHDONKEY App.

Teams may only score and enter fish that they have lawfully caught unassisted during tournament hours.

All fish qualifying as eligible for each specific tournament will be measured and its measurement rounded down to the nearest 1/4 inch. Qualifying fish of any size may be scored and entered. The total measured inches of all eligible fish will be combined, and each team will receive 1 point for each 1/4 inch in their calculated total length per tournament. Total points earned from measured qualifying fish will be the total points per team per tournament. 

Left-handed Muskie Bumper Brand bump boards are the only WTA certified bump boards.  All necessary information on the WTA certified bump boards is available at www.muskiebumper.com. Only fish measured on a WTA certified bump board will be eligible for entry. It is the responsibility of all WTA teams to purchase and possess a certified WTA bump board during tournament hours. 

The WTA does not supply WTA certified bump boards. Any alteration of the WTA certified bump board is prohibited and will result in disqualification.  The WTA may inspect any team’s WTA certified bump board at any time during the calendar day of a WTA tournament. A refusal of said inspection will result in disqualification.

A unique tournament sticker will be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the certified WTA bump board during inspection prior to each individual tournament. 

All fish caught by WTA competitors/entrants during tournament hours are to be immediately released after they are documented using the FISHDONKEY App. Qualifying fish for the specific tournament may only be registered by taking the necessary measurements and photographs in the least amount of time possible. All fish caught by WTA competitors during tournament hours must be released alive with no excessive damage. No fish may be put in any type of container or transported at any time. No fish may be intentionally damaged or altered in an any way for any reason (i.e. to increase the length of the fish). 

Each entered fish must be clearly pictured in its entirety lying flat on a wet WTA certified bump board. The front most part of the head of the fish with mouth closed must be clearly touching the left-hand wall of the WTA certified bump board. The tail may be gently compressed and/or angled for maximum length. The fish must be visible in its entirety in each entry picture. One team member holding the fish flat on the bump board, while the other team member takes picture is ideal. 

Dead fish may not be entered. The WTA reserves the right to make all judgements regarding the legitimacy and eligibility of all entered fish. All WTA decisions in this matter are final.  

Only the maximum amount of fish of each designated species listed for each individual tournament may be entered. 

All WTA decisions regarding fish length and point totals are final. 

Polygraph examinations may be required prior to issuing prize money and/or before a team is allowed enter another tournament if cheating is suspected. Examinations may address conduct in any WTA tournaments that the examinee has participated in at any point. Any evidence of cheating in any WTA event that the examinee has participated in will result in disqualification. 

Disqualification of any type of a team for any reason results in that team receiving no prize money and a lifetime ban from all WTA tournaments. Polygraph requirements are at the discretion of the WTA. All WTA decisions in this matter are final. 

Each team member of each team will receive an equal share of any applicable prize money. 

Prize money will be electronically transferred or mailed in check form (individual’s choice) no later than 96 hours from the end time of said tournament.

Day of the Tournament

All lawful angling means applicable to tournament waters may be used except only one rod/line/lure per angler may be used at any one time and only artificial presentations may be used. 

All tournaments will take place on one calendar day during the hours of 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (central standard time).

Each team may only use 1 boat per tournament. 

A WTA tournament ID sticker will be issued during inspection and must be placed on outboard cowling. 

In the event of severe/inclement/life threatening weather on a tournament day, the tournament start may be delayed. If severe weather occurs during the tournament, continuation of the tournament may be delayed, or tournament may be prematurely ended all together. The tournament may also be completely cancelled the morning of. If 2 hours of the tournament are able to take place, the tournament will be considered completed. All last-minute weather-based schedule changes the calendar day of any tournament will be communicated through the FISHDONKEY App. Only fish caught during allowable times may be entered. In other words, if there is a weather delay or cancelation, no fish caught during delay or after cancellation is announced may be entered. All individual teams are solely responsible for receiving said notices. 

Safety is a major concern. If a weather delay or cancellation is issued, it is recommended that all teams get to safety immediately, wherever that may be. 

If a tournament is not completed, teams will receive a refund of $480 of their $500 entry fee, but there will be no prize money awarded for that tournament.  The WTA reserves the right to make all weather-based decisions, all WTA weather decisions are final. 

All WTA competitors shall conduct themselves in a courteous, safe, and professional manner during tournament hours. Conduct unbecoming may result in disqualification. The WTA reserves the right to make these judgements. All WTA judgements are final. 

WTA competitors may not fish on tournament waters the day of the tournament prior to tournament hours.

Teams/boats must be in the water and lined up for inspection in no set order (in a polite and courteous manner) the morning of the tournament. Inspections will run at 5:30-7:30 AM on tournament day. Teams not inspected will be disqualified. Boats/Teams will receive their bump board and ID Stickers after visual inspection with all compartment and live well doors open. WTA certified bump board will be out and unfolded at this time as well. At this time, teams will identify themselves by the last names of each team member. Teams may leave after inspection.

The WTA reserves the right to make any decisions regarding eligibility/disqualification at any point during this process or during any tournament hours, all decisions are final.  

Boats/teams may go anywhere on the water from take-off location as long as their boat stays wet and in the water and they remain in WI waters (no boundary waters). Any means of moving the boat to other waters using help from other people, vehicles, trailers, etc. is prohibited. Locking or any other permanent public service available to all competitors is permitted when and where available. 

Any unlawful acts or activities committed by WTA tournament competitors during tournament hours or at take-off/check-in location directly before or after tournament hours will result in disqualification. Team members may not consume alcohol during tournament hours.